Irish Recipes




2 lbs (900g) Potatoes 1 Large Cabbage 1 Large Onion 4 oz (115g) butter (or Margarine) Pepper & Salt 1/2 pint (285ml) of milk approximately METHOD

1. Peel the Potatoes cut them in half if they are large 2. Chop Onions and Cabbage 3. Place the Potatoes in a suitable saucepan, add a small touch of salt and pepper 4. Place the Onion on top of the layer of potatoes, add a small touch of salt and pepper 5. Place the Cabbage on top of the layer of onions , 6. Add just enough water to cover the ingredients 7. Bring to the boil 8. Reduce heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes (until the vegetables are soft) 9. Mash Ingredients adding enough milk and butter to make the ingredients soft and fluffy. Add additional salt and pepper to taste (if required)


1 lb (450g) Shannon Valley Bacon bits (Rashers) 1 lb (450g)Shannon Valley Pork Bangers 3 Large Onions 2 lb (900g) Potatoes Pepper & Salt Fresh Chopped Parsley (4 tbls 4 x 15ml approx) METHOD

1. Peel the Potatoes cut them in half if they are large 2. Peel and slice Onions 3. Place the Onions in an ovenproof dish ,add a pinch of pepper, and parsley 4. Remove any excess fat from the bacon 5. Place the bacon on top of the layer of onions, add a small touch of pepper and parsley 6. Place the Potatoes on top of the bacon ,add a small touch of salt, pepper and parsley 7. Place the Sausages on top of the Potatoes 8. Add just enough water to cover the Ingredients 9. Cover the dish, cook in a low oven, (120C), (250F), Gas Mark 1 for two hours

Serving Suggestion: Serve with Brown bread or Soda Bread


4 Slices of Shannon Valley Back Bacon 3Shannon Valley Pork Bangers 2 Black Pudding 2 White Pudding 2 Eggs 1 Tomatoes 5 Mushrooms METHOD

1 Cut tomatoes in half, wash and skin mushrooms and chop in quarters 2. Fry or grill the rashers, sausages, black and white pudding together 3. Fry the eggs on a very low heat and cover frying pan with large plate 4. Fry tomatoes and mushrooms together in a little butter 5. When all ingredients are ready to serve, remove plate from eggs (with a cloth) 6. Place all the ingredients on the warm plate, add salt and pepper to taste Serving Suggestion: Usually served with fresh orange juice, tea/coffee, toast, brown bread, and a selection of jamS



1 lb (450g) plain white flour 1 level teaspoon baking soda/bicarbonate of soda 1 level teaspoon cream of tartar pinch of salt

4 oz (115g) Butter 4 oz (115g) sugar 4 oz (115g) sultana's or raisins or currants 1 egg half a pint (285ml) butter milk METHOD

1) Preheat oven to (180C), (350F), (Gas Mark 4) 2) Sieve flour, soda, cream of tartar and salt into a bowl 3) Rub in butter lightly with finger tips until the mixture looks like bread crumbs 4) Add dried fruit and sugar and mix well 5) Beat egg in a separate bowl and add buttermilk, mix well 6) Add to other ingredients and mix into a dough 7) Turn onto lightly floured board, knead and mould into a smooth round dough 8) Put into a greased baking tray and flatten to about 2/3 inch thick 9) Bake for 40-50 minutes, until bread is golden brown 10) Remove from oven and leave to cool Serving Suggestion: With butter and Jam Also nice when lightly toasted under grill, and butter spread over when hot


1 Lb (450g) of cooked Potatoes 1 oz (30g) of Margarine/Butter Half lb (225g) of White Flour Half a teaspoon of Baking Powder 1 Egg Half a small Onion finely chopped Half a spring of Parsley Salt Freshly ground Pepper 1 Tablespoon (1x15ml) of milk METHOD

1) Mash the potatoes and season to taste 2) Add the onions and parsley 3) Rub Margarine into flour and baking powder, add to vegetables and mix 4) Beat egg and milk together in a bowl 5) Add milk and egg to mixture and mix together thoroughly 6) Turn onto a lightly floured board and knead until smooth 7) Divide in two and roll each piece out into a circle about a quarter inch thick 8) Cut into triangles or circles (7.5cm 3 inch in diameter) 9) Fry in a pre-heated well greased pan until golden brown on both sides


6 eggs, separated 1 heaping cup sugar 1 1/4 cup strong black coffee 1 1/2 ounces plain gelatin 1 1/4 cup heavy cream 7 teaspoons Irish whisky finely chopped walnuts (optional) whiskey flavored whipped cream (optional)


1. In a Pyrex bowl, cream the egg yolks with sugar. 2. Heat the coffee and dissolve the gelatin in it.; then add to the egg yolk mixture. 3. Beat the mixture well. 4. Place the bowl over a pan of boiling water and beat; stir constantly until the mixture begins to thicken. 5. Remove from heat allow to cool. 6. When the bowl has cooled a little, put it over cracked ice and continue to stir. 7. When the mixture is almost set, whip the cream and fold in the whiskey, then fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites. 8. Pour into dessert dishes and let set. 9. Garnish with additional whipped cream with whiskey folded in, and finely chopped walnuts.


4 tablespoon (4 x 15ml) of Irish Whiskey 1 teaspoon of sugar (preferably brown) Freshly made strong black coffee Double cream freshly whipped to soft peaks METHOD

1) Warm an Irish Whiskey glass or wine glass with hot water or steam 2) Pour the whiskey into warmed glass 3) And in sugar and stir 4) Pour in freshly made coffee fill the glass to half an inch from the top 5) Stir until sugar is dissolved 6) Turn a spoon up side/down and put tip into coffee let the cream fall into the glass over the back of the spoon 7) Fill to the top of the glass and do not stir, serve immediately


1/2 pound (225g) of Irish butter 1/2 pound (225g) of Sugar 9 oz (250g) flour 4 large eggs half a lemon rind grated quarter teaspoons of baking powder half pound (225g) sultanas half pound (225g) currants 2 oz (60g) cherries 2 oz (60g) almonds (chopped) 2 tablespoons Irish Whiskey METHOD

1) Put egg and sugar in a bowl, mix until soft and creamy 2 ) Add lemon ring and mix well 3) Add eggs one at a time ,mix well to thicken mixture 4) Sift flour and baking powder into mixture, fold in lightly 5) Add in fruit and almonds, mix well into mixture 6) Turn into greased cake tin, decorate top with some almonds 7) Bake for 2 and a half hours in a moderate oven, until top is golden and cake is shrinking from the sides 8) Remove from oven and coat with whiskey 9) Leave to cool for 10 minutes, turn out on wire rack, leave to cool fully


Boiled Bacon

Place the Boiling Bacon in a Large Saucepan

Cover with cold water a bring to the boil.

Cover and simmer (30 Minutes per Pound)

Add Cabbage cut in Quarters cook for 20 to 30 minutes more

Serve with Boiled Potatoes


For a nice Baked Ham

Remove Cooked Boiling Bacon From Saucepan place in a Pie Pan

BROWN SUGAR AND ORANGE JUICE HAM GLAZE 1/2 Cup Honey 1/2 Cup Orange Juice Concentrate 1/2 c.+ brown sugar Pinch of Ground cloves

Pinch of Ground Nutmeg

Mix well together all ingredients,

Cool Boiling Bacon then Brush with Glaze

Bake in Pre-heated Oven 350 Degree Oven

For appx 20 to 30 Minutes Until Brown and Crisp

Serve with your Favorite Mustard